1. Question.) How do you advertise the directory listing. Answer). Through ads, events, social media, internet search engines and word of mouth.

  2. Question.) How much does a listing cost? Answer.)  $5.00 per month.  You can cancel at any time. We are sorry, but there are no refunds.

  3. Question.) When will my listing be posted? Answer.) As soon as we have payment and verify your training credentials (usually within 48-72 business hours). Please email us photos of your certificates (you may use your cell phone to take the photos),  and give us the contact names and phone numbers of the schools/training information where you received your certifications regarding Iridology – because anything traditionally related to Iridology only is allowed for your listing (such as, dietary supplement training, and nutrition).

  4. Question. Continual education credits? Answer.) You will also need to email us once a year of your continual educational credits (such as anything dealing with Iridology, nutrition, and supplements). Please send this information to

  5. Question.) How much does it cost if I need to update my listing. Answer). After you register initially and your listing is posted, it is a $10.00 fee for future updates.

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