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Email Your Iris Photos

For those of you who wish to email digital photos (10 still shots) of each iris to one of the Certified Iridologist listed, you are encouraged to take the pictures yourself (very common today) please click here, or see the list of photo studios below.

example2NOTE: It is important that you help the photographer while they take your close-up iris photos (which is the color part of your eye – whether it’s brown, blue, or mixed color).

Here’s How

Use your thumb to pull down your bottom eyelid, while at the same time use your index finger to lift-up your top eyelid until the entire eye is visible (the top and bottom part of your eye must be visible); if that doesn’t work, then open your eye wide enough to where the photographer can see the top and bottom part of your eye. Then Look Straight into the camera’s eye, and shine a flashlight, or pin light directly at each corner of your eye (one eye at a time). This will illuminate your iris fibers so that the camera can pick-up the iris fibers. All is needed is a photo of your iris (eye) and not your entire face – please let the photographer know this? See picture example.

Pick a photo studio and type your zip code:

  1. Target Portrait Studio 
  2. JCPenny Portraits
  3. Olan Mills
  4. Picture People
  5. Portrait Innovations
  6. Walmart Portrait Studio – Canada