Individuals Seeking a Certified Iridologist:

  1. Question). I would like to work with an Iridologist not in my area. How do I get pictures of my eyes to them? Answer). Email your photos. If you are taking the pictures yourself, use a camera or camera phone and a flashlight to take 10 still, close-up photos of each eye.  How do I do it? Simply shine the flashlight at the outer corner of the eye, and have someone take the photos for you close-up. The flashlight will illuminates the eye. Use your thumb and index finger to lift-up your top and bottom eyelid until the entire eye is visible (the top and bottom part of your eye must be visible); if that doesn’t work, then open your eye wide enough to where the photographer can see the top and bottom part of your eye. Then Look Straight into the camera’s eye, and shine a flashlight, or pin light directly at each corner of your eye (one eye at a time). This will illuminate your iris fibers so that the camera can pick-up the iris fibers. All is needed is a photo of your iris (eye) and not your entire face – please let the photographer know this? However, if you want a professional photographer to take your photos, click here.

  2. Question). How are the Iridologist screened? Answer.) Their credentials are verified, in addition to taking annual continual educational credits.

Practitioners, please click here