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If you don’t see an Iridologist in your area, we will try and find one. Call  (470)-310-0054. 

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Devina H. Collier, BND, Iridologist, Sclerologist, C.N.C., CNHP

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Mary Reed Gates, ND, CCI, CNC, MH

Mary Reed Gates Iridologist

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Amy Spadafora-Thompson, MI, MH, ND

Amy Spadafora-Thompson, Iridology

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Crystal Maceira, Iridologist, Sclerologist

Crystal Maceira Iridologist1

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Heidi Jarvis, ND, MIR, MH, CA

Heidi Jarvis, Iridologist

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Jon D. Jensen, Iridologist, Optimal Health Nutrition Consultant

Jon D. Jensen, Iridologist

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Susan Young , PhD, ND. HHP. NC, MH

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Shahrzad Nasrabadi (Shari), ND, Iridologist, HHC.

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Certified Iridologist

Get your practice listed and found online! Fill-out the “Submit Listing” form to get started. First three months are complimentary; all you do is pay for the fourth month. Read Practitioners FAQ


If you didn’t find a Certified Iridologist listed for your area. You may choose one listed that does distance analysis. In this case, you will email pictures of your irises to them and then they can analyze your organs from there (see“Find Photographer” and FAQ)